Flowering Cherry Trees

I love spring, and as soon as the days begin to warm I begin searching my yard for signs of life. I have plenty of early bloomers planted to give me a burst of color this time of year, getting me good and excited for the glorious display of garden life that lies ahead in the summer months. Another favorite way to bring bright hues to my yard is with flowering cherry trees that let me know spring has sprung in the most delightful and aromatic way.

When I first began my hunt for the right flowering cherry trees for my climate and environment, I found that online shopping was definitely the way to go. Not only could I find a fabulous selection, but I could also collect plenty of tips and advice on how to keep this foliage healthy all season long. Even though flowering cherry trees do not produce edible fruit, they can give my yard a hearty dose pink, white, and lavender shades so they’re definitely worth planting.

Many of the flowering cherry trees that I found online primarily grew in the southern zones of the country. One of my favorite varieties is the weeping flowering cherry tree that makes a lovely focal point in the center of my backyard. This species has plenty of long, leaning branches that look as though they are weighted down with flowers during the peak of their blooming season. I discovered that other varieties might bloom at slightly different times, so by collecting a few different species, I was able to extend my bloom time by a few weeks.

flowering cherry tree pruning

I remember seeing pictures of the Washington Monument in springtime when I was a kid, when the entire scene surrounding this majestic structure was filled with a blanket of pink. This is due to the large number of Okame flowering cherry trees, the star of the show in Washington, D.C. in the spring. The Okame variety is one of the earliest bloomers, and I love the delicious fragrance of the small pink petals.

Another nice thing about flowering cherry trees is that after they give you a delightful array of color in the spring and rich green foliage in the summer, the fall will bring yet another burst of hues to add to your autumn landscape. Some may even bloom again in the fall for a whole new show before the winter snow hits. It’s almost like getting three plants for the price of one!

Flowering cherry trees have become a favorite of mine and are sure to become one of your best landscape choices as well. By shopping online, you can find a wide variety to choose from, along with plenty of information to help you grow those plants with gusto!